Foreign trade needs to be transformed in a new environment.

The foreign trade business is really “good”.In the early years, many people made the first bucket of gold from the south to the north.The time is closer, the first batch of English speakers do foreign trade, sell things from the domestic to foreign countries, earn a full pot of gold.It now seems that those who made money earlier were using the “information asymmetry” of that time.At that time, there were few foreigners who knew about China and wanted to do business with foreigners.A man of great courage makes money in advance.
Today, international trade is a bit “hard to do”.One reason, at least, is the free flow of information and high transparency with the help of the developed Internet.
Imagine that your customers know more about the mode of production and access than you do, and you want to maintain a high profit, which is so easy?

Strengthening electronic declaration to improve the logistics speed of China and Hong Kong.

Customs clearance one body brings us a great convenience, through the electronic declaration for electronic payment of taxes and fees, customs declaration never leave home had completed the whole process of customs clearance, cargo customs clearance process only spent just 20 minutes.
Now dongsheng logistics company transport of the goods without the customs formalities, can be directly in the port of shenzhen customs import and export, not only save the transit vehicles, entering the city, such as logistics cost, can also according to the needs of production and sales of instant into the shipment arrangement, without waiting for earthly customs, greatly improve the efficiency of customs clearance, the Hong Kong logistics transportation is faster.