Since 2008, yatai group to increase the relationship to an unprecedented height, in the system fully integrated resources, promote the customer oriented culture, further pushing forward the construction of the system build work around “customer satisfaction” assessment and examination system, the enterprise performance from the development of nodes as the core to customer needs and satisfaction as the core, planning the direction of ocean customer relationship development and implementation of customer relationship management (CRM).
Asia Pacific group has set up a large customer service system including group, business unit, project and professional company.
Provide pre-sale, sale and after-sales customer service.
At the same time, we will open a variety of communication channels for customers, widely listen to customers’ opinions and Suggestions, and provide high-quality services for customers wholeheartedly.
In 2013, the group is based on the existing system, formed the unique system of customer relationship management (CRM) eight steps, to “the whole process, full professional, full contact” for the principle, based on customer sensitive analysis of the development of the whole value chain and refined, form the key work of sensitive control action for customers, to ensure that the concept of “customer experts” to implement to our professional work.


Corporate mission

Create high quality life for middle and high-end customers through customer understanding and resource integration.

Enterprise vision

With the excellent real estate industry as the foundation, has the leading industry investment ability investment and financing group.




Asia-pacific group expects innovation to bring more professional results;
At the same time, innovative thinking will help cosco establish an open mind and continue to achieve success with the adjustment of the market environment.


Asia-pacific group is a group of reliable people, and the asia-pacific group is always a trustworthy target for different stakeholders.


Asia-pacific group is an organic growth and expanding organization, and the employees of the Asia Pacific group can measure the success of the team and achieve common goals through mutual cooperation.