Since the establishment of the asia-pacific group in 2002, the company has grown into a diversified and well-connected enterprise.
It operates in mainland China, Hong Kong and extends to USA, Europe, UK, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Founded in Hong Kong by chairman and managing director tang yaoquan, the asia-pacific group has achieved great success in quality and excellence.
In the past 15 years, we have been growing in scale, and we have been striving to improve our service standards and strive to do our best for our customers.

Asia-pacific group promotes sustainable development

With long term vision and responsibly manage precious resource is yatai group various parts of the business guidance principle, from daily operations, strategic planning and investment decisions, and staff management, community participation and environmental management as is.Our strategy is to integrate the sustainable development elements of the economy, environment and society into all areas of business operations and management practices.

Participation and cooperation

As a large group of diversified businesses, our operating companies can benefit a lot by sharing their experiences and knowledge with each other.Together, we can exert the most powerful force, our professional skills and knowledge combined, can achieve extremely high operating efficiency.We invite stakeholders from time to time to assess our performance in corporate governance and social and environmental practices.The invited targets include our staff, regulators, academics, ngos and professional communications professionals.The ideas they provide help us set priorities, set goals, and determine how best to deal with them.


1. Appropriately allocate funds and talents to cooperate with business opportunities, and in the long term, bring higher returns than capital costs for the group.
2. Focus on the existing business of investing in the group in terms of scale, professional knowledge or brand with competitive advantage, its capital and talents to create long-term value.
3. Consider investing in new businesses that can use existing technologies and capabilities to create more value.
4. Withdraw from the business that has fully realized its potential, and inject funds into existing or new businesses.
5. There is a wealth of talents in the group, and it is also good at allocating talents to its various businesses (according to the service agreements signed with the major shareholders of the group), which is the key to the long-term value of the group.
The group will bring the best talent to its unit and devote a lot of resources to training and development.
6. Adopt prudent financial management policies, so that long-term investment plans are not affected by short-term fluctuations in financial markets.
7. Provide excellent products and services to distinguish the competition from the competition.
8. Invest in sustainable development.
The group believes that this is not only the right approach, but also helps the group achieve long-term growth through innovation and efficiency.
9. Strive to maintain the highest standards of corporate governance and maintain and develop the taikoo brand.
Facing 10, group in carrying out the strategy of the major risks and uncertain factors, including the group’s business in the economy, especially in Hong Kong and mainland China) performance or in the future will be less than once upon a time, and it is difficult to determine whether really appear.
11. We are a comprehensive enterprise group with a diversified business. We are good at creating sustainable growth and long-term value for our business, and continue to use it as our development goal.


The human-oriented asia-pacific group is led by hundreds of employees.
With mutual respect and teamwork, the group is convinced that only harmonious and active employees can make excellent service.
The asia-pacific group is committed to the mission of customer first, and it is only to anticipate the needs of customers and exceed the expectations of customers, so as to help them achieve the successful journey.
The staff of Asia Pacific group have received professional hospitality training, which is not only sufficient, but also creative and progressive, which keeps the personal professional standards continuously improving.
The company’s employees are rich and strong, with good education and professional training, fluent English communication skills.
We believe that the company from top to bottom solidarity, hard working, loyalty, faith, unyielding and advancing with The Times, and the social from all walks of life and harmonious cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results, will be able to move forward in the competition, built to last forever.
Intelligent, innovative, professional and cooperative staff team is the source of the power of the group.